TopSolid will showcase the latest version of TopSolid'Mold at Amerimold 2017

Join us on booth 814 for free demos at Amerimold, June 14-15 in Rosemont, IL.

TopSolid’Mold 2017 proves to be the example of what modern, 3d based, injection mold design should be.  In this release we have significantly improved performance for large molds containing more than 2000 parts.  This improvement alone will allow TopSolid’Mold design customers to get to the finish line even faster than they could before.  With access to an even greater standard library (now includes Misumi, Futaba, Pedrotti and Progressive Components) TopSolid customers around the world will continue to lead the industry with tighter deliveries and a higher quality of design. In an effort to allow more freedom during the design process, it is now possible to directly define the BOM numbering sequence directly from any level of the design (ie. Part, Assembly…).  This new tool will drastically speed up the documentation side of mold design.

As we all know, one of the most challenging parts of any mold design is the cooling circuit.  Part of what makes cooling circuits challenging is the raw variety of approaches.  Now in TopSolid’Mold 2017 it is possible for the user to store creation know-how.  This storage of knowledge can then be applied to any and all future designs. This both speeds up productivity while increasing profitability of the design. 

Probably the most significant improvement to TopSolid’Mold 2017 is the addition of what we call “Pre-Study” mode.  In pre-study mode, the overall job of creating the mold design can now be split between multiple designers. For example, one designer can be working on the parting lines, parting surfaces and general core/cavity splits.  While this is happening another designer can be working on the mold base, cooling layout and so on.  The beauty behind this is that what the split designer is doing will update what the mold designer is doing. And all this work is keeping perfect synchronization thanks to the integrated PDM environment of TopSolid.