The Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay and Missler Software join forces to develop and industrialize innovative machining paths

The Ecole Normale Supérieure Paris-Saclay and Missler Software have signed a “CamLab” framework agreement to make progress in CAM technologies for machining.

ENS Paris-Saclay, with its university laboratory for research into automated production (LURPA), has been working with Missler Software for many years on research work, theses and formal and informal discussions on the development of production technologies, and of machining and tool paths in particular. Together, they play a fundamental role in protecting and advancing this know-how in France and on the international stage, thereby helping industry to make progress in the major subject of the digital chain and process automation.

The CamLab project is a formal expression of these relations, intended to support and develop the partnerships in research and industry, which are essential to the competitive performance of players like Missler Software. This project will set up collaborative research projects and is the concrete expression of both parties’ ambitions to drive technologies forwards towards more innovative processes, which can then be industrialized.

The quality of tool paths (time, tool and machine wear, management of complex geometries and kinetics, etc.) is a major industrial issue. The partners have decided to focus on this theme, and the first Cifre thesis, which aims to improve the quality of machining paths in 5-axis roughs, has already been launched. It should result in the industrialization of completely new and innovative paths in 5 years, after 3 years of research and 2 years for industrialization.