Missler Software, software publisher of TopSolid announces new distributor in Canada, VECTORLINE.

TopSolid is expanding its reach in Canada as it increases its manufacturing footprint in North America.

The company announced that it has engaged Vectorline to represent TopSolid’Wood Design in Ontario. More distributors announcements are forthcoming.

This new partnership is part of the new Top Partner Program, that TopSolid is launching in North America. With a unique solution for the wood industry, TopSolid plans to cover the entire North American market with distributors and business partners.

Arnaud de Boisboissel in charge of the business development in North America says “I am very excited to start this partnership with Vectorline. Paul Demchuck, CEO of Vectorline has a strong experience in the wood industry and we firmly believe that TopSolid is the modern solution to bring complementary design solution to the wood industry."


TopSolid’Wood - A New Advantage for Wood Manufacturers in Canada

Vectorline has long searched for a powerful design solution to add to their unbeatable CAM products.

Paul Demchuk, President of Vectorline says:

"We considered a number of software systems, but none really met the market's needs for a totally customizable, engineering design tool. Then at last, we discovered TopSolid. We were blown away!

The "secret weapon" behind cutting-edge European design and millwork houses, Top Solid, provides a profitable, new way for millwork, store fixture and furniture manufacturers to move "out of the box" and away from cabinet-box software. TopSolid’Wood's innovative fully parametric and associate software system allows fast and accurate solid model creation. Models of any shape or complexity, with any imaginable joinery or hardware can be created with a full suite of tools specific to wood manufacturing.

The quick and accurate creation and revision of entire projects is a need that has been under-served in the Canadian millwork market until now. Difficult to use, difficult to configure and difficult to understand software can now be replaced with TopSolid’Wood.

We see this as a revolutionary development in the Canadian marketplace.”